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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Orbital Corporation?

+ Security prices are delayed by at least 20 minutes and are indicative only. Orbital Corporation Limited (OEC) is an industrial technology company that focus is on the revolutionary design, proven manufacturing processes and rigorous testing to deliver superiority in UAV propulsion systems and flight critical components.

Who is the owner of Orbital Engine limited?

Orbital Corporation Limited ( ASX : OEC ), formerly Orbital Engine Corporation Limited pioneered by Ralph Sarich, is an Australian company based in Balcatta, Western Australia, that aims to provide clean engine technologies and alternative fuel systems with reduced environmental impact from gas emissions and improved fuel economy.

Where are the home orbital facilities in Australia?

At our facilities in Perth, Western Australia and Hood River, Oregon we have implemented measures to minimise the risk of contracting and spreading the virus and are providing additional support where necessary.

What kind of propulsion system does orbital use?

Orbital UAV’s Modular Propulsion Solution (MPS) addresses a growing need within the tactical UAV market for aircraft to have the flexibility and versatility to adapt to varying end customer requirements and for the rapid deployment of those aircraft.

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