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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the Orcula team?

The Orcula team operates as an extension of yours, we’re first and foremost event professionals. We don’t just provide event registration, we work Orcula into your event to create the best experience for your delegates. Covering all requirements from registration, emails, function/workshop selections, badging, payment processing and more.

What can Orcula do for your event registration?

Orcula provides tools to cover every aspect of your event registration, from initial invitations and online registration through to on-site check in and post-event reporting. Orcula isn’t just registration.

What are the features of the Orcula app?

Orcula uses published mobile apps to provide your delegates with networking opportunities, up to date information and more. Apps features also include delegate scanning, live polls, instant messaging, alerts and more.

How did the island of Korcula get its name?

It’s dark, dense pine forests inspired the Ancient Cnidian Greeks to name it Melaina Korkyra (Black Corfu or Corcyra, as their homeland region was once known), when they settled there in 6 BC.

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