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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a credit union do for my community?

In addition to providing excellent customer service, many credit unions give back to their local communities in a variety of creative and generous ways. Some work to promote economic and social justice by reaching out to low-income, rural and at-risk populations. Others provide free financial education services to adults and children.

Who can belong to a credit union?

Many credit unions service a particular or profession. For example, teachers, medical professionals and the military often have their own credit unions. Ask your parents if they belong to a credit union through their work or profession. Most credit unions allow family members to join.

How do you open a credit union account?

Go to the website of the credit union you would like to open an account with. Select the type of account that you would like to open (e.g., checking, savings or money market). Select the "Apply" or "Apply Now" option to open an account online. Verify that you are eligible to join that particular credit union.

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