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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the beat reporter for Oregon State?

The weekly installment of Oregon State mailbag, where readers ask questions through social media or email, and beat reporter Nick Daschel attempts an answer. Here goes:

Is it a bad time to get sick in Oregon?

It’s a bad time to get sick in Oregon. That’s the message from some doctors, as hospitals fill up with COVID-19 patients and other medical conditions go untreated.

Who is the Governor of Oregon Right Now?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has yet to reach out to Williams personally on the matter, even though the fireman has served the people of Oregon for nearly thirty years. Williams' message to the governor is to "let people make their own decision."

Why are there fewer people at Oregon State football game?

Even with the smaller-than-expected crowds, Oregon State is challenged to get people inside the stadium by kickoff because of the vaccine protocol, new digital tickets, and most of all, lack of workers.

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