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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oregon State University a good school?

Oregon State University is considered to be a good school by a lot of people for many different reasons. The size, cost, large number of majors, faculty quality/experience, campus, or the amount of money in grants and awards it receives could all be factors in someones view of OSU.

What are the best universities in Oregon?

Top ranked public colleges in Oregon include Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Oregon, and Portland State University. The public 4-year universities found in Oregon provide students with an array of graduate and undergraduate degrees.

What is Oregon State best known for?

Oregon is best known for its forests, mountains, farms, and beaches. The Beaver State also has some of the best cities to call home. The love the residents have for their state is evident on every license plate. "We love Dreamers," "Things Look Different Here," and "Pacific Wonderland," are just a few...

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