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Frequently Asked Questions

How many wildfires are in Oregon?

There has been a trend for the last three decades that shows an increase in the overall number of wildfires as well as the fire season length in the state of Oregon. In 2017 Oregon experienced a total of 1,069 reported wildfires: with 779 human ignited and 290 ignited by lightning strikes. These fires burned a total area of 451,863 acres.

Where are the active fires in Oregon?

The areas most impacted have been Eagle Point, Jacksonville and in the Applegate Valley. Here’s where the fires are burning: - 55 fires burning on county, state and private land in Jackson and Josephine County, which is protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Where is the wild fire in Oregon?

Location of fire in Oregon. The Chetco Bar Fire was a wildfire in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon, United States. The fire, which was caused by a lightning strike and first reported on July 12, 2017.

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