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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key assets of Orocobre Limited?

The key assets of Orocobre are a 66.5% interest in Olaroz, a 25% interest in the Cauchari Lithium Project Joint Venture together with a 33.3% shareholding in Advantage, a 75% economic interest in the Naraha Lithium Hydroxide Plant and 100% of Borax. Looking for hidden gems and undervalued stocks?

When do Orocobre and Galaxy announce their results?

Orocobre and Galaxy will be hosting a joint investor call at 10.30am AEST (8.30am AWST) today, 19 April 2021. Orocobre and Galaxy are announcing their respective quarterly results today.

Where does Orocobre lithium produce lithium in Argentina?

Orocobre’s operations include our Olaroz Lithium Facility in northern Argentina, Borax Argentina, an established Argentine boron minerals and refined chemicals producer and a 35% interest in Advantage Lithium.

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