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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Orocobre Limited an ASX listed company?

As an ASX / TSX listed company, Orocobre is committed to remaining open and accountable to our shareholders and the public. Our focus remains on prudently timed expansion and growth to create long-term, sustainable shareholder value. View Orocobre’s ASX and TSX Announcements here.

Who are the Board of directors of Orocobre?

On implementation of the Scheme, the Board of Directors will comprise four Independent Directors from Orocobre (including Mr Hubbard), four Independent Directors from Galaxy (including Mr Rowley), and the CEO Mr Pérez de Solay. It is agreed that both Mr Rowley and Mr Hubbard will retire from their roles within 12 months of implementation.

Is the Orocobre FPO merger a good idea?

But if you pick the right stock, you can make a... Merger creates the 5th largest global lithium chemicals company with a diversified production base and exciting growth platform, with potential to unlock significant synergies and realise value to be shared by all shareholders.

How many ordinary shares does Orocobre have in Galaxy?

Under the Scheme, Orocobre would acquire 100% of the fully paid ordinary shares in Galaxy in exchange for the issue of new fully paid ordinary shares in Orocobre.

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