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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key assets of Orocobre Limited?

The key assets of Orocobre are a 66.5% interest in Olaroz, a 25% interest in the Cauchari Lithium Project Joint Venture together with a 33.3% shareholding in Advantage, a 75% economic interest in the Naraha Lithium Hydroxide Plant and 100% of Borax. Looking for hidden gems and undervalued stocks?

Who is the CEO of Orocobre and Galaxy?

Galaxy CEO Simon Hay commented: “The merger with Orocobre represents an exciting opportunity for both Orocobre and Galaxy shareholders to consolidate and realise the full potential of our asset portfolios and technical capabilities. The transaction will allow the group to materially accelerate the development of our combined growth projects.”

Where are Orocobre lithium and potash mines located?

Orocobre Limited (ORE) is a mineral exploration company focused on the contruction and operation of its portfolio of lithium, potash and boron projects and facilities in the Puna region of northen Argentina. Currently, ORE's flagship project is Olaroz Project.

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