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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the brothers and Sisters of Orula?

Sacred tales tell of Orula’s psychic abilities to determine the death of every man and woman on earth. Son of Obatala and Yemu, Orula is brother to Elegua, Ogun and Chango. He and Chango work closely together, as they both have a deep insight into the future. Orula knows the ways that each of us can find success, happiness and health.

Why is the Orula the most important Orisha?

Orula represents wisdom and the ability of man to influence his own destiny. His powers of insight make him one of the most commanding and distinguished of all Orishas. Respect his talent and he will help guide you towards your life’s destiny.

What are the colors of the Orula bracelets?

Green and yellow are the colors of this Orisha. His followers wear robes in these colors to honor him. Orula bracelets and Orula necklaces adorned in beads of yellow and green should be worn when trying to evoke his power and cast away death.

Who are the Babalawos in the Orula story?

These babalawos are devout followers of Orula who work constantly with him and relay his wisdom to us. They interpret the messages through meditation and sacred tools such as divining chains, divining boards and kola nuts. Cascarilla is spread on the divining board and the babalawo arranges his sacred signs on the board.

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