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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the feast day of Orula the Orisha?

Dressed in a green and yellow gown, he is a vision of serenity and deep introspection. Orula’s feast day is October 4, which is the same as the catholic saint St. Francis of Assisi. Pay homage to him on this day and make offerings to him of coconuts, wine, sweet cakes and candles.

What does the bracelet of Orula stand for?

Orula knows the moment when everyone is destined to die, and those who wear the idé (bracelet) of Orula on the left wrist won't be carried off by mistake by Ikú (death). Orula protects against mental illness and insanity. In the Catholic religion, he's syncretized with St. Francis of Asis, whose feast day is October 4.

Why do you light an Orula 7 day candle?

When the moon is new, light an Orula 7 Day Orisha Candle and make your offering, focusing your intention on invoking his spirit. Orula represents wisdom and the ability of man to influence his own destiny. His powers of insight make him one of the most commanding and distinguished of all Orishas.

What are the steps of the Orula hand ceremony?

Then Olorun (the sun) is introduced to Nangareo, a drink based on corn, brandy, milk and honey, among other ingredients, to ask for the blessing of all our elders of religion and blood, as well as the blessing of all the saints and very especially from Olorun.

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