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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Owo IFA Kan in Orula mean?

The Owo Ifá Kan or “Hand of Ifá” that man receives, means for him his first step in the path of Ifá, this means that if Orula determines it in his Itá and there is no impediment the initiate can later make Ifá and become Babaláwo.

What are the colors of the mano de Orula?

His colors are yellow and green, and his eleke (beaded necklace) is made of yellow and green beads, alternating. Men and women who've received the mano de Orula or cofá de Orula wear a simple yellow and green beaded bracelet on the left wrist to protect them from premature death.

Who is the godfather of the Orula hand ceremony?

The woman thus consecrated becomes Apeterví de Orula, and may from that moment participate in some activities within the ceremonies of Ikofá and Awofakan, celebrated by her godfather or Oyugbona (second godfather).

How does an Orula communicate with a human?

Orula communicates with humans through divination with a Babalawo. Babalawos don't use dilogún (cowrie shells) like Santeros/as do. They use either an epuele (divining chain) or ikines (kola nuts), and a wooden divining board covered in cascarilla (eggshell powder).

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