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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is correct,'they knew of each others work'?

Each other's work is correct. If you rephrase the sentence, you can determine the meaning and see how the apostrophe is applied: They knew of the work of each other. So, you can see that it's not "*the work of each others" making the apostrophe go before the s. Originally Answered: Is it "they knew of each other’s work" or "...each others' work"?

Are there any synonyms for the word work?

Synonyms for work include occupation, employment, job, livelihood, profession, trade, career, line of business, role and vocation. Find more similar words at ...

Which is the opposite of the word work?

opposites of work. fun. idleness. laziness. unemployment. entertainment. failure. loss. pastime.

When to use each other or one another?

Each Other or One Another? The rule that grammar traditionalists follow is to use each other when there are only two people involved and one another for more than two. However, in my opinion, one another is quite formal, so each other can be used casually for more than two people.

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