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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some synonyms for fun?

fun(noun) violent and excited activity. "she asked for money and then the fun began"; "they began to fight like fun". Synonyms: play, merriment, playfulness, sport. playfulness, fun(noun) a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement.

What is another word for 'fun'?

One of the easiest synonyms of fun to use is entertaining. Entertaining means “amusing, diverting.” This term can be used in many contexts as a synonym for fun when it is used as an adjective, especially when discussing topics such as performances (such as music or theater) or games.

What is a synonym for making fun?

Remove Ads. Summary. English Synonyms: more detail... make fun of: ridicule; make fun of; poke fun at; joke; banter; jape; play a joke; do something silly; commit foolery; play a trick; jest.

What is another word for "have fun"?

More 200 Have fun synonyms. What are another words for Have fun? Revel, have a good time, frolic. Full list of synonyms for Have fun is here.

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