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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real cause of an outage?

If you're ever without power, you can likely attribute the outage to one of these eight problems. Lightning is responsible for many power outages. ... Ice presents a big risk to overhead power lines. ... Water and electricity don't mix, so flooding is another weather-related risk of outages. ... Some power outages are planned maintenance. ... Automobile accidents can lead to an outage. ... Work-related outages are avoidable but still all too common. ... More items...

What does outage mean?

Definition of outage. 1 : a quantity or bulk of something lost in transportation or storage. 2a : a failure or interruption in use or functioning.

Why did outage occur?

A: An outage, or "blackout," occurs when something interrupts the flow of electricity to the end-user , and an outage can affect a few homes or an entire city. With improved technology, outages are less common than they once were, but they still happen-sometimes lasting for days.

What caused spectrum outage?

A spokesman for Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, said the outage was caused when someone deliberately cut a cable.

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