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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign in to Microsoft Outlook?

Go to the sign-in page and select Sign in. Enter your email address or phone number and select Next. On the next page, enter your password and select Sign in. Notes: Check the Keep me signed in box if you want to go straight to next time (not recommended for shared computers).

Can I access my outlook from another computer?

Outlook is NOT a mail server that you can access from anywhere. The only way you could access your copy of Outlook from another computer would be by using something like Remote Desktop, or Team Viewer and that would entail your computer being switched on and possibly someone there to "wake" it up for you.

How can I access Microsoft Outlook?

Access Outlook email. Click your "Start" button in the lower-left corner of your desktop in order to find Microsoft Outlook. Scroll up and click "Programs" or "All Programs" to get to the folder that will contain Microsoft Outlook.

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