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Frequently Asked Questions

What is outschool?

What is Outschool? Outschool is a virtual teaching platform that allows kids to choose from and enroll in thousands of different live, small group classes. The variety of classes offered is a little overwhelming!

What can outschool do for your child?

Explore Any Interest From phonics to AP Physics to Minecraft to Piano, Outschool feeds your kid’s curiosity and elevates their learning with a variety of 10,000+ classes. Grow your learner’s confidence in and out of the classroom with live video classes that meet in small groups.

What do you like most about outschool?

Yes, there are a lot of things to be learned from a good Youtube video, but a live class takes things to a whole other level. I love that Outschool allows a kid to interact with a teacher and other students during the lesson. I think that helps so much to grab the kid’s interest and get them engaged on a topic.

Why outschool for HR leaders?

We support HR leaders everywhere with a unique benefit that increases productivity by letting working parents and caregivers focus on work, all the while knowing that their kids are engaged and exploring their interests in-depth. Sometimes schools need to offer more – and that’s where Outschool comes in.

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