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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'over drive' an anime?

If an anime fit this description, it would be Over Drive – trite, pathetically idealistic, yet rapturously poetic all the same. The show, on the surface, appears your run-of-the-mill sports firebrand for the burnt-out and indifferent, packaged within a cycling medium.

What do you think about over drive?

Overall, Over Drive is a sports anime that sounds average in theory and sub par in practice. The characters are generic and average at best for the most part, some developments simply unrealistic, and the sound not very fitting. Its themes are nothing new and the CG animation bad.

What does overdrive do in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

According to Jinn, Overdrive is the ultimate power of Ether Gear. The incomplete usage of the Overdrive ability causes the user to undergo a basic transformation, with numerous Ether lines showing up along and around their bodies. Real Overdrive causes the user to undergo a full-body transformation as well as augmenting their physical abilities.

How do you get overdrive in Star Wars?

However, as mentioned by Drakken Joe, Overdrive can truly be achieved when the user pushes their own Ether to its critical point, thus changing their physical appearance into a different form. According to Jinn, Overdrive is the ultimate power of Ether Gear.

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