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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to drive a car in overdrive?

However, there are situations where you should never use overdrive . One such situation is when you are climbing a hill or going off-road. These applications require high-torque, which is exactly what overdrive restricts. Furthermore, using overdrive is a bad idea if you are looking to overtake a vehicle.

When to use Overdrive in automatic car?

When to use overdrive in an automatic car. Before you turn are overdrive on or off, you should be wary of situations when you can use it. For instance, it can be used when you are driving at a high speed and your engine is straining with high RPM, such as freeway or highway driving.

What is Overdrive for in your car?

The overdrive electric control serves the following purposes: It energizes the solenoid as the car reaches cut in speed. Overdrive disconnects the ignition circuit momentarily It opens the solenoid circuit when the Kick-down switch is close as the driver wants to come out of overdrive.

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