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Frequently Asked Questions

What does overpriced mean?

What does overpricing mean? Overpricing is defined as to price something for sale at too high a price. (verb) An example of overpricing is a $5 box ...

What is another word for overpriced?

synonyms for overpriced Compare Synonyms valuable fancy high steep stiff an arm and a leg at a premium cher costly high-priced out of sight pretty penny pricey prized Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for overpriced MOST RELEVANT moderate soft cheap common despised hateful inexpensive low-priced unimportant valueless worthless

What is the opposite of overpriced?

Antonyms for more overpriced include cheaper, lower, more affordable, more inexpensive, more competitive, more economical, more reduced, more cost-effective, more reasonable and more bargainous. Find more opposite words at!

Are gun shows overpriced?

Therefore, you will tend to see more of the high priced guns when you browse. This is a great point, and probably the cause of most all the guns on there being overpriced. Good thought Either the sellers are delusion and refuse to drop their prices or people are actually buying then at those prices.

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