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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Historic Overtown?

A Black heritage neighborhood with a rich history and culture, as well as some delicious restaurants, Historic Overtown is a legendary district just west of Downtown Miami.

Where is Overtown in Miami?

Miami/Overtown. Contents. Overtown is a historically African-American neighborhood located just north of downtown Miami and is considered part of Miami's Central District. It is also Miami’s poorest neighborhood.

What is it like to live in Overtown?

Overtown benefits from a good public transit infrastructure due to 2 rapid transit stations (Historic Overtown/Lyric Theatre Station and Culmer Station) with access to the Metrorail, and around 20 nearby bus lines. Getting around by car is also easy in Overtown.

What is roots in the city Overtown?

Marvin Dunn [1] founded the original Roots in the City Overtown Community Garden, turning an "overgrown, littered lot into a flourishing garden" maintained by Overtown residents and volunteers.

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