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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between logic and facts?

Logic is a thought process. Facts are hard truths. Logic leads up to determining facts through trial and error, testing methods and proving concepts. Sometimes it's as simple as getting a ruler and outlining how tall a tree is. Other times, it is as complex as mixing elements in order to create a new one.

Is all logic the same in Sherlock Holmes?

You either are or aren't logical, and all logic is the same. It isn't even that difficult, nor is it that interesting. What makes Holmes special and entertaining is in his ability to observe and to connect. All of his logical steps are mundane. Facts are deductions based on evidence.

Does fact exist?

Facts do not exist, really, there is only evidence that a concept or idea or thing is true or real. When enough evidence is gathered, the concept under examination is considered "fact". But fact does not mean immutable- it simply means accepted by the preponderance of evidence.

Does logic yield anything more or less?

Logic doesn't prove anything new either. If there is evidence, that evidence is obtained through experiments and observation, not just by thinking. So given what is proven, we can deduce more of what that means, but if something is genuinely unproven, logic doesn't yield more or less.

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