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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Korean words are there in the Oxford Dictionary?

The Oxford English Dictionary adds Korean words The influence of Korean culture has reached the pages of the Oxford English Dictionary: 26 new words related to Korean culture were added and 11 words were revised. Fans await the K-pop boy band BTS visit to the Today show at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City last year.

How has South Korean culture influenced the Oxford English Dictionary?

South Korean culture has made its mark in the U.S. recently through a boom in Korean skincare products as well as McDonald's BTS meal. Now it has inspired an update in the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED recently added 26 South Korean words and revised 11.

Why are 26 Korean words in the OED this year?

Jieun Kiaer, associate professor in Korean language and linguistics at the University of Oxford, said the words were included because they are so widely used. "But what is so significant about this," she said, "is that there's been no precedent before that 26 words from one language, one year entered into OED."

What's new in the dictionary for Korean food?

But as the dictionary’s new additions make clear, there is much more to Korean cuisine than its spicy staple kimchi, which appeared in the OED as long ago as 1976. New food-related entries include bulgogi – thin slices of beef or pork – and chimaek – Korean-style fried chicken and beer.

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