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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is ozner water International Holding?

Ozner Water International Holding is part of a large Chinese company that develops, manufactures and sells water-purification systems. Ozner is leveraging Ayla’s IoT cloud platform to better manage and maintain its connected filtration systems and to help expand their sales into interna- tional markets.

Where is the headquarters of the company ozner?

Headquartered in Shanghai Pudong, OZNER is a large-scale comprehensive environmental enterprise involved in high-tech area, which is diversified and international, and gathers research, manufacturing and marketing as a whole.

Which is water purification technology does ozner use?

OZNER ha-s developed by its own the word-leading APO + water purification technology, and the Cloud water purification technology feat-ures with regular water quality monitoring and dynamic update display of consumption figures of consumable filter cartridge. OZNER carries out rigorous product quality control and service level management.

What kind of after sale services does ozner use?

In the meantime, OZNER sticks to non-outsourced after-sale services, its direct afer-sale service agencies scattering all around the country.

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