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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly to Pakistan?

Pakistan International, British Airways, KLM and Emirates are the major airlines that provide flights to Pakistan. The prices will vary depending on where you are hoping to go but on average know that Emirates will be more expensive but you’ll receive a very high standard of service and comfort.

Do Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have WiFi?

Initially, the facilities - Wi-fi and phone service being introduced for the first time by a Pakistani carrier - will be offered on PIA's nine Boeing 777s, which have been deployed on longer routes to Europe, US and Canada, said Managing Director Junaid Yunus.

What is the abbreviation for Pakistan International Airlines?

PK stands for Pakistan International Airlines (IATA airline code)

Which is the Pakistan's biggest airport?

The Jinnah International Airport Karachi established in 1925. The airport named after the founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah. It is considered to be the largest Airport of Pakistan. The airport operates both international and domestic flights and it consists of four terminals, Terminal-I, II, III and the Jinnah terminal.

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