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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pakistan mulberry tree?

You are here: Home → Mulberry Trees → Pakistan Mulberry Tree. Originating in Islamabad, Pakistan, this extremely large ruby-red, maroon colored fruit reaches 2 1/2 to 5 inches long and 3/8 inch in diameter. The berry is firmer than most others with a very sweet and flavorful raspberry like flavor.

What is the largest type of Mulberry?

This is the worlds largest Mulberry fruit from the Pakistan Mulberry Tree. Fruit up to 6 inches long!! Choose an option… Summer 21 Choose an option… Choose an option… Pakistan Mulberry has often been touted as the queen of mulberries due to its incredibly large 4″ long deep purple fruits.

Where can I buy Pakistan mulberries in California?

In fact, they are now available at some of the Southern California farmers markets or select Persian markets. While the fruit is absolutely delicious eaten fresh, it has also become a popular and sought after pie-filling favorite. In addition, Pakistan Mulberries are also used to create delicious sauces and preserves.

How do you get mulberries to bear fruit?

Harvest mulberries in the Summer. The fruit is ripe when color is reddish purple and juicy. Fertilize mulberry trees with manure and other organic fertilizers with higher phosphorus and potassium in the late Winter. Fertilizers like bone meal, humus, and flower and bloom fruit tree foods promote Spring blossoms and fruit production.

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