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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries use Pandora?

Pandora is an amazing online radio currently operating in New Zealand, Australia and in the United States.

How do you download Pandora on your computer?

One way to use Pandora on a Windows PC is to grab a free Pandora download from the Microsoft Windows store online. Log in to the Windows Store on your computer with your Microsoft account, and then use the search box to search for "Pandora.". Download the app and sign into your account.

Does Pandora have Apple Watch app?

Pandora has offered some details on how its streaming music service will work with its Apple Watch app. The Pandora app will be available for Apple Watch owners to download when it launches on April 24. Pandora says that its Apple Watch app will allow users to quickly view and listen to their favorite tracks.

How much does a Pandora membership cost?

Subscribing to Pandora One costs $3.99 per month, or $36 per year. This means that listeners paying yearly are getting 12 months for the same price as 9 months of Pandora One at the monthly price. Buying an annual subscription to Pandora One saves $11.88 over buying 12 months at the per month price, which totals $47.88.

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