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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a new UWM Panther Card?

UWM @ the main campus can visit us in person at the Panther Card Office, located in Union W198. Replacement Cards – For current students, faculty and staff, submit your photo online here and order your new card here. Or visit us in person. Students will have a $20 replacement card fee posted to their PAWS account.

What is a panthercard?

What is a PantherCard? Your Panther Card is your official UWM identification card and is an essential part of campus life. It is the key to accessing services throughout the University. What the PantherCard is used for? For your protection and the protection of others, when your card disappears, immediately report your card lost!

Where can I purchase items at UWM?

Purchase food, merchandise and services at the Panther Shop, Restors, Recreation Center, Union Cinema, Union Marketing, Studio Arts & Craft Centre, Union Station, SARUP lab and all pay for print location at UWM. Purchase food at all participating off campus businesses (taxable).

What is a UWM gold account?

All UWM students automatically have a Gold account, a debit account (declining balance account) that starts off with a zero balance. GOLD Account membership entitles you to: Purchase laundry and general services at all residence halls. Purchase food (tax-free for students) at all UWM campus restaurants.

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