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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the webtrak system?

Information includes the aircraft’s type, altitude, origin/destination airports, and flight identification. The WebTrak system has a graphical interface that helps users easily identify aircraft and their location. Aircraft departing and arriving to an airport are shown in different shades of a unique color associated with each airport.

How to file a noise complaint with webtrak?

WebTrak can be used for filing a noise complaint by either 1) clicking on an aircraft and click “Report Aircraft” icon, or 2) under the “Investigate” tab (located in the upper left corner of WebTrak) click the “Show Complaint Form” button. You will be required to complete mandatory information on the webform to submit a complaint entry.

Who are the hosts of webtrak flight tracking service?

Webtrak is active and hosted by EMS Brüel & Kjær - Envirosuite. Subscribe now! Read WAVES Online

Why does webtrak show aircraft noise in replay mode?

A noise level reading may be attributable to an aircraft flying over or near the noise monitor, to community-based noise, such as vehicle traffic, lawnmowers, etc., or to the ambient noise at that location. When using the Replay Mode in WebTrak, the noise events that correlate to an aircraft operation are shown with a square icon.

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