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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paradise CA in a high fire hazard zone?

The Town of Paradise is located in a defined “very high fire hazard severity zone” pursuant to the California Government Code § 51175 and the California Health and Safety Code § 13108.5. Because of this designation, prevention and preparedness are of utmost importance.

Where is the fire in California that destroyed Paradise?

The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. A wildfire fueled by strong winds raced across communities in the Sierra foothills in Northern California on Thursday, devastating the city of Paradise and sending thousands of residents fleeing for their lives, authorities said.

How does Cal Fire help the town of Paradise?

By contracting with CAL FIRE the Town of Paradise is able to staff two fire stations with three-person engine companies, and one station with a two-person engine company. This allows for a rapid response to all coverage areas and facilitates being able to retain the town-wide Insurance Service Office rating of three.

Does the town of Paradise have a fire department?

The Town of Paradise employs a fire prevention inspector, fire marshal, and administrative assistant for the fire department, and all ordinances and municipal codes related to hazard abatement and burning for the Town of Paradise remain in effect.

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