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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do and do in Paradise Canyon?

Picnic & Play. Camp. Fish. Ponder. Laugh & Enjoy. Since 1957, Paradise Canyon has offered a little piece of heaven on the Medina River. Come together with family and friends and be inspired by God’s swimmin’ hole. Come water your soul and listen to…

Is there a Paradise Canyon in San Antonio?

Please visit Paradise Canyon! it is a hidden gem in Northwest San Antonio! Love the place. Hate the price. I don't understand why they have to charge $40 a car while there is picnic tables that need replacing.

Where is Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia?

Providence Canyon State Park is about 2.5 hours southwest of Atlanta. We arrived around 12:30 on Sunday, paid the $5 admission and headed towards the Interpretive Center. Unfortunately the center was closed (government cutbacks??) so we did not have a chance to talk to a ranger and ask a few questions.

Where does John Wayne ride in Paradise Canyon?

Colorized and retitled as "guns along the trail" in 2007 by legend films. At around 2 minutes into the actual film, we see John Wayne riding from town to town in southern Arizona searching for the Medicine Show that are suspect in a counterfeiting ring. We see Wayne riding through the desert and then are show a street scene just before his arrival.

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