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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the review of Paradise Restaurant?

Start your review of Paradise Restaurant. We ordered the appetizer plate and a few salads. Pretty tasty. My Cesar salad was a little boring and they did not bring out any dipping sauce for the appetizers. A little slow with the salad delivery but over all the place seems to offer a good selection, plenty of seats and new modern vibe.

Why eat at eatparadise La?

Paradise LA offers great food with excellent service, beautiful historic building. We have a full bar and lounge, and we're the coolest place to unwind while waiting for traffic to die. We're conveniently located off of the 405,110 and the 91.

What kind of food is at eatparadise buffet?

Paradise Buffet, located in Montclair CA, is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant that serves American and Asian cuisine. Everyday we provide over a hundred items on our buffet menu, including soup and salad, hot dishes, mongolian stir-fry, cakes and pies, ice cream, and drinks.

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