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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a paradise professional Grill?

Paradise Professional Grills are designed to provide a luxurious grilling experience. whether you’re grilling with gas, electric, wood, or charcoal, the strength and craftsmanship of a Paradise Grill are second to none. Explore our professional grill models below to discover your personalized Paradise experience.

Is there parking at @Paradise Grill?

Paradise Grill has plenty of parking for vehicles and we also offer free shuttle rides that bring you right to our front door and back to your car. Plus, we have 100 golf cart parking spots and 82 boat slips!

How long do Paradise grill grills last?

I spent $6000 on a Paradise grilling island and February 2019. Since I've had to replace the "high-temp" light lenses twice and the electrical trips with any weather but that is the least of my concerns. Their manufacturer warranty clearly states '5 years on burners, briquettes and grates, 1 year on all other parts".

Why choose Paradise grills in humble?

Working with Andrew and Troy at Paradise Grills in Humble was amazing. They had a good selection on their showroom floor, however we were just on the market for a drop in grill. Which we ended up purchasing (came with a lifetime warranty) and they delivered it same day and went above and beyond for us! The epitome of great customer service!

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