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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the cast members of Paradise Hotel season 1?

Paradise Hotel: Meet the Season 1 Cast 1 Carlos G. 2 Hans W. 3 Brittany C. 4 Deiondra S. 5 Rosanna C. 6 Kendall G. 7 Tyler B. 8 David B. 9 Bobby R. 10 Mariaelena P. More items...

Did Tatum from 'Paradise Hotel' really kiss Carlos?

Tatum from ‘Paradise Hotel’ Reveals if She Wanted to Drop Her Ball, Her Status with Bobby and Why She Really Kissed Carlos – Exclusive! Tatum from ‘Paradise Hotel’ talks about the moment Bobby Ray dropped his ball in the season finale and why she kissed Carlos plus so much more in our exclusive interview.

When does Paradise Hotel premiere on Fox?

Paradise Hotel will introduce viewers to David, Hans, Deiondra and the rest of the guests with a two-hour series premiere on Thursday, May 9 starting at 8 p.m. But you don't have to wait to see who will be sizzling on camera when the Fox reality show starts.

Who is the player on the Bachelor in Paradise?

Hans W. is a model, originally from Salt Lake City. He’s considered “The Player”, and is one of the biggest characters on the show this season. In his own words, “When ladies think of weiner, they think of Hans.” These days, Hans lives in Brooklyn, New York She's looking for Mr. Right not Mr. Right NOW. Meet @brittsmiless! #ParadiseHotel

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