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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TV show Paradise PD really bad?

Not bad as in corrupt, bad as in under-performing. They aren't first responders, they are the worst responders. Animated series about bad cops. Not bad as in corrupt, bad as in under-performing.

Who is the chief of police in Paradise PD?

She is the PD counterpart of Brickleberry main cast member Ethel Anderson. David Herman as Kevin Crawford, a newly hired police officer and the son of Chief Randall Crawford and Mayor Karen Crawford.

Who is the cast of Paradise PD on Netflix?

Paradise PD series is a comedy Roger Black. The series released worldwide at the Netflix media streaming platform on August 31, 2018. It has 10 episodes in 1st season. Tom Kenny starred in the series as Chief Randall Crawford.

Who are the members of the Paradise PD?

The force consists of Chief Randall Crawford, the violent Gina Jabowski, the morbidly obese Dusty Marlow, the perverted senior citizen Stanley Hopson, the cowardly Gerald "Fitz" Fitzgerald, the addicted drug dog Bullet, and Crawford's son Kevin.

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