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Frequently Asked Questions

What is parentsquare?

LEUSD’s official communications platform, ParentSquare, will be used to deliver progress reports and report cards electronically, in lieu of printed, bulk mail distribution, beginning fall of 2019-20. According to Dr. Doug Kimberly, LEUSD Superintendent, “Providing parents with a direct connection to student progress supports student achievement.

How do I add myself to parentsquare?

Please fill the form below to send a request to your school to add you to ParentSquare. Please provide your email and/ or cell phone number. ParentSquare notifications can be received either via email or text.

How do I log in to LEUSD?

LEUSD teachers can log in with their regular LEUSD email and password. Based on feedback from the LCAP parent survey, LEUSD launched new district and school web sites to better serve parents and stakeholders. We welcome your feedback using the Contact Us form.

Is parentsquare safe and secure?

ParentSquare is secure and includes privacy safeguards. Grade Reports sent via ParentSquare require a parent or guardian to login to their ParentSquare account in order to view a secure PDF file, such as a progress report or semester report card.

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