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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the URL for parentvue?

The URL for ParentVUE is Links are available under Parents & Studentsand in the Login menu on the District website. Parents will click the link “I am a parent” to go to the login screen.

Where can I find a list of parentvue coordinators?

A list of ParentVUE coordinators is located on the ParentVUE login screen for parents’ reference. If further support is needed for the parent, the ParentVUE Coordinator should contact the Customer Care Center 770-426-3330 or enter a Web Help Ticket at

What is the pvu202 – parent activation key letter?

The PVU202 – Parent Activation Key Letter report prints letters to distribute to parents or guardians who will be using PVUE. The letter will list the activation key, which is required for the parent to register and create a unique User ID and password to use for the PVUE account.

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