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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does parks and Rec take place?

Parks and Recreation was filmed in Los Angeles & Chicago in United States of America.

Who are the characters in Parks and Recreation?

The majority of Parks and Recreation episodes are set in Pawnee, and most of the recurring and supporting characters are friends of the main characters or residents of the town. Several guest stars have made appearances on the show, including Louis C.K., John Larroquette, Justin Theroux and Parker Posey.

Where are the Michigan State Parks?

Location within the state of Michigan. Warren Dunes State Park is a 1,952-acre (7.90 km2) Michigan state park, located along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Berrien County. The park's large sand dunes and lakeshore beaches make it one of the most popular of Michigan’s state parks with an average of about one million visitors annually.

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