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Frequently Asked Questions

What is introduction to pathology?

Introduction to Pathology. Pathology is the “scientific study of disease”. It is the “scientific study of the molecular, cellular, tissue, or organ system response to injurious agents.” It “is the foundation of medical science and practice. Without pathology, the practice of medicine would be reduced to myths and folklore”.

What is an example of Pathology?

An example of pathology is when a pathologist studies the cells removed during a biopsy to test for signs of cancer. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is pathology and cytology?

Cytopathology is the study of disease at the cellular level. "Cyto" refers to cell and "pathology" to disease. Cytology tests are done on cells in fluid aspirations, scrapings or brushings to look at single cells or small clusters of cells and assess whether they are normal or show signs of disease.

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