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Frequently Asked Questions

What is specimen collection in surgical pathology?

Specimen Collection. This includes major surgery performed within the hospital, ambulatory surgery, or satellite surgical suites and minor surgeries performed in outpatient clinics or hospital units. Refer to "Tissue Exempt" section for approved list of surgical specimens exempt from routine or mandatory submissions to Surgical Pathology.

How do I send a specimen to act pathology?

Procedure The specimen(s) collected from each single episode must be sent to the laboratory accompanied by either a hardcopy request form, or associated with an electronic order (e-order). Only specimens accompanied by a request form, or associated with an electronic e-order will be processed by ACT Pathology.

Can you do a frozen section of a pathology specimen?

FROZEN SECTION: Surgical pathology specimens that need frozen section should be fresh, and NOT IN FORMALIN. The tissue should be in a sterile container and be brought immediately to histology and handed off to histology staff for frozen section.

What is the CPT code for surgical pathology?

Surgical Pathology. Any UNLISTED specimen should be assigned to the CPT code which most closely reflects the work involved when compared to. other specimens assigned to that code. The unit of service for CPT codes 88300 - 88309 is the SPECIMEN.

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