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Frequently Asked Questions

What is patpatient ally™?

Patient Ally™ is our Patient Health Records secure web portal which allows healthcare providers to gather patients' personal health information. Patients can communicate via secure messaging, request appointments, as well as view lab results and health records

How do I access patient ally?

Patient Ally is available to established patients of participating Primary Care or Specialty Care providers that are connected with Patient Ally and choose to utilize the Patient Ally feature. Click the following link to go to Patient Ally: My Medical Records

Why office ally™ for healthcare providers?

For only $29.95 per month/provider, Office Ally™ offers a Comprehensive Electronic Health Records Program that allows healthcare providers to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. We believe an EHR solution should empower providers to be more effective and streamline your workflow.

What are patient Ally’s hours for technical support?

The hours for Patient Ally technical support are Monday through Friday, 8 am -7 pm CST. To access Patient Ally’s Patient Portal, you must first receive an email from your provider’s office to initiate the set up process.

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