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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact aegislabs for patient support?

On the top, the designated internet portal’s trust score is 100% plus patients can also reach out to them through 800-533-7052 or email them their queries on [email protected] as stated on the Patient portal.aegislabs. com.

Does the Aegis report include transit time to lab?

It does not include transit time to lab. Aegis works with all of its collection partners to maximize the use of overnight shipping to its lab after collection. Shipping delays and weekend shipping schedules may impact the length of time between the collection event and the final Aegis report.

How do I check the patient portal for the latest updates?

Please continue to check the patient portal for the latest updates: When the sample has been received in the laboratory and testing is underway, the portal will display that the sample has been received and testing is in progress. Results will be available in the portal as soon as testing is complete.

What is patient portal?

What is Patient portal? It is an internet portal running to accommodate their patients with warm & personalized attention, ranging from preventive medical concern plans and appointments for conventional screenings and a labyrinth of specialists and affiliates to handle almost any medicinal concern through this virtual medium.

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