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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the founder of the Patrick company?

Patrick Steamship Co was founded in 1919 by James Patrick. It operated a shipping service with the SS Timaru out of Sydney along the East Coast of Australia. By 1925 it was operating as both a shipping line and stevedore, gradually expanding intestate.

When did Patrick Corporation start fighting forest fires?

PatRick Corporation started fighting wildland forest fires in 1972 and continues to send emergency service crews and engines to incidents such as wildfires, hurricane and space shuttle recovery throughout the nation. PatRick Corp. is a leader in the private sector industry in both wildfire and fuels contracting from coast to coast.

When did toll Corporation take over Patrick Corporation?

In April 2006, Patrick Corporation agreed to accept Toll's revised bid for the company after spending nine months fighting the hostile takeover. Having gained a 90% shareholding in May 2006, Toll was able to compulsorily purchase the remaining shares and delist the company from the Australian Securities Exchange.

When did Patrick Corporation take over Pacific National?

In January 2006, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it would not allow that Toll to takeover Patrick Corporation. However, in March 2006, after the ACCC announced it would allow the takeover after Toll gave further undertakings including disposing of its 50% shareholding in Pacific National.

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