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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a payslip mean to an employee?

payslip. A type of document that details an employee name, employee salary or wages, earnings, tax details where relevant and other relevant employee information that contributes to the payment of their wage or salary. Some people like to have a paper payslip others like an e-payslip.

How to see your payslip?

Go to Home > Personal Economy Under Payslips score drop Choose the Year and Month (this will default to current year and month). Then click Payslip to select the payslip if you wish to view. Enter your password when prompted and your payslip will download as a PDF.

What is pay slip format?

A simple salary pay slip format includes the several components such as monthly pay slip salary, types of allowances in salary slip like DA, HRA, LTA, Conveyance Allowance, and other employee salary details format in excel or word. Find the components of a salary slip template described in detail below:

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