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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pcloud better than Dropbox?

Last but not least, the average upload and download speed is also faster with pCloud. This depends, of course, on your internet connection speed.With the same internet connection, pCloud's upload transfer rate is almost 10 times faster than Dropbox!

How secure is pcloud crypto?

How secure is pCloud Crypto? pCloud Crypto provides the ultimate file security, available on the market. Client-side encryption is a military level protection for your data, since only you, the user, hold the key to file decryption and encryption. pCloud as a service provider, is unable to decrypt any hosted data, consequently has zero-knowledge about your files.

What is pcloud lifetime?

In short, pCloud lifetime is a single one-time payment of a cloud storage solution . See how we utilize and hands-on the pCloud drive, to fully maximize the usability of pCloud. In the past, clients of pCloud would have to pay monthly for the services - or annually for a little bit of a discount.

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