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Frequently Asked Questions

Does pcloud support the Files app?

With pCloud 1.32.0 onwards, pCloud provides support for Files. In order to access pCloud from the Files app: Open the Files app and tap on Locations > Edit. Enable pCloud from the option list and confirm. When you access pCloud files from the Files app, there are a couple of things you should know: You CAN: Browse, View, Copy, Move, Rename and Upload files from other supported apps to pCloud

Is pcloud transfer safe?

Is pCloud Safe to Use? Yes, absolutely, pCloud is safe to use. ... Can pCloud See My Files? Yes, pCloud can see what files you have, but if you sign up for the zero-knowledge Crypto add-on, nobody at the company will be able ... How Long Has pCloud Been in Business? pCloud was founded in 2013, so has been in business for seven years at time of writing.

What is pcloud lifetime?

In short, pCloud lifetime is a single one-time payment of a cloud storage solution . See how we utilize and hands-on the pCloud drive, to fully maximize the usability of pCloud. In the past, clients of pCloud would have to pay monthly for the services - or annually for a little bit of a discount.

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