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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pcloud and how does it work?

PCloud has gain increased visibility among established market players because of its immense focus on security. It is one of the safest cloud storage services. pCloud uses TLS/SSL and zero-knowledge encryption when sending data to its servers.

What is pcloud file sharing service?

[Unbiased Review] Our pCloud review will reveal everything about this feature-rich cloud file sharing service, Best suited for video storage, it lets you access your files from anywhere, share with contacts, collaborate on them, and free up local device storage by transferring all your data to cloud storage.

Is pcloud the best cloud storage for versioning?

In fact, pCloud makes it onto our list of the best cloud storage for versioning. pCloud also extends into your browser with pCloud Save, an extension for Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

What is the best pcloud sync software?

pCloud is undoubtedly one of the best sync software. It allows you to sync your pCloud account with all the folders on your hard drive. Any changes that you made on the original folder are automatically incorporated into your pCloud account. You can also easily view the photos and videos saved, without having to download them.

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