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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the download speeds for pcloud in the UK?

As a top-tier provider, we’d expect file speeds from pCloud to be good, and that’s exactly what we found. To make sure, we tested pCloud transfer speeds ourselves, using a 1GB file to test upload and download times. We tested this from a location in the UK, with an average of 80 Mbps download speeds and 6 Mbps upload speeds.

Is there a browser extension for pcloud save?

In fact, pCloud makes it onto our list of the best cloud storage for versioning. pCloud also extends into your browser with pCloud Save, an extension for Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

Which is the most important feature of pcloud?

The most essential feature of any cloud storage service is its file syncing, which pCloud does incredibly well, unlike a bare-bones service like MediaFire. However, pCloud comes with a number of additional features that add to your experience, but we’ll be honest — some of these are better than others.

Is there a way to rewind my pcloud account?

This feature isn’t an option with a free pCloud account, but with the Premium and Premium Plus plans, you can rewind your account by up to 30 days. This allows you to see a snapshot of how your files and folders looked at a specific date and time. This gives you the option to restore any of your previous files and folders from that date.

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