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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it good time to plant peanuts?

You can plant peanuts in the summertime, but your plant still needs enough time to grow, flower, and produce a crop before winter's cold sets in. Depending on the peanut variety, the plant needs approximately 100 days to mature and produce nuts.

How do you grow peanut plants?

Planting Peanuts. To grow peanuts, you will actually start with the the shells of fresh, unroasted peanuts. To start inside, fill a large, four-inch-deep plastic bowl ⅔ full of moist potting soil. Shell four peanuts and place them on top of the soil; then cover with one inch of soil. Plants will sprout quickly.

Does a peanut plant grow above ground?

Many people are surprised to learn that peanuts do not grow on trees like pecans or walnuts. Peanuts are legumes, not nuts. The peanut plant is unusual because it flowers above ground but the peanut grows below ground . Planted in the early spring, the peanut grows best in calcium rich sandy soil.

What is the root system of a peanut plant?

Peanuts are a legume containing a deep-rooted tap root with a series of smaller lateral roots. Because of a vigorous root system, peanuts are a good scavenger of many nutrients, but calcium is the most critical element for good pod yield and is often times hard to access by the plant in North Florida's sandy soils.

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