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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pennsylvania called the Keystone State?

Pennsylvania's nickname is "The Keystone State" because it was the middle colony of the original thirteen colonies , and because Pennsylvania has held a key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States. All State Nicknames.

Is Pennsylvania a poor state?

Pennsylvania is ranked 38th out of 50 states in the 2020 edition of Rich States, Poor States. Check out the full details.

What is Pennsylvania best known for?

Pennsylvania is quite famous for its steel industry. Pennsylvania is known for its amusement park and Hershey chocolate factory. It is also known for its amazing quarterbacks.

Is Pennsylvania a state or Common Wealth?

Officially Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and Massachusetts are all commonwealths. This means that their full state names are actually "The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" and so on.

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